Mar 31, 2010

Noah's ark Baby Afghan

I think every child needs a blanket with animals  on it.I found this neat pattern on Annies attic. I had to make this for Karishma. I followed the pattern but added a rainbow, a lion and the sun. Have posted some pictures for you to see.

Mar 23, 2010

Why I love to Knit and crochet

As a young child I would look at my mother knitting, my eyes hypnotized by the needles moving up and down and sometimes all over the place, I could not understand what would make my mother do this,sometimes for hours on end, untill I saw the end product and then I would jump with glee,because most of the time it would be a sweater for me..Finall one day when I was much older I asked my mother to teach me to knit,she handed me two thin sticks we called them broom sticks and taught me to knit.I did make a dolls sweater and then did not knit anything untill I had children of my own,after which I rarely knitted for lack of time. I think my illness resurrected my love of knitting.
  Knitting has taught me some valuable lessons,most of all to be patient,it takes a long time from a bunch of stitiches on a needle to a finished blanket or sweater, it has taught me to laugh about the mistakes I have made and also that I can always restart and it is  not the end.
  Knitting has also made me use my brain,to think about the pattern, has taught me how to make adjustments ,how to make do with what I have and also most importantly to use my math skills.(I was not very good at math,but i  think knitting has improved it).There is this constant need to count and recount the stitiches, measure,multiply and divide.It has also made my fingers nimble.
    Knitting has also given me a sense of color and as I put the knitted  pieces together some of my artistic abilities have also come to the top. Even though most of the time I am knitting lying down or on my side because I cannot sit too long because of my back injury, I enjoy knitting and crochet. I was told knitting was for only old people, I know that knitting has kept me young and sane. It has kept my spirits up and I would not give that up for anything.My only regret is I did not teach my daughter to knit.How i wished I had. 

Here is a picture of a dress,hat and shoes that I croched for my nephews daughter.she is 2months old and I love her to pieces,her name is Karishma.